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The ultimate product

Cortadoria Leather’s Soft, Glossy, Textured, Suavia and Leaved are different from existing alternative products on the market. They are resistant but also thin, light and soft and have a unique smooth touch. These are some of the competitive features of this new product.
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Working at Cortadoria means to question the status quo and to find disruptive ways to improve work methods, products and business. From 2011, the company has been reinventing the traditional industrial process through partnerships and looking at different approaches. A series of technical innovations and the development of specific equipment and processes allowed for the previous by-product, skin, to be upcycled into a noble and distinctive leather.

In straight cooperation with the scientific community, Cortadoria Leather is the result of efficient and sustainable use of resources, and a response to social, environmental and ethical concerns with a rooted recognition for consumer awareness to the product’s origin and manufacturing procedures.

This approach to the raw material enables the highest quality and most durable rabbit leather, ensuring the safety of humans, animal welfare and the protection of the environment. When manufacturing this leather, the new procedure – which is chrome-free, without biocides, sulphides, formaldehyde and heavy metals – assures a responsible use of water and energy, and ultimately aims for the biodegradability at the end of the product life cycle.
The creative versatility of Cortadoria Leather’s different products – Soft, Glossy, Textured, Suavia and Leaved – is also a key feature that results in exquisite rabbit leather articles such as hats, gloves, garments and other leather goods. 


“The way we act and what we do today cannot, in any case, be compromising the future of the planet. This is what we have internalised at Cortadoria.”

Nuno Oliveira Figueiredo
President and CEO Cortadoria Nacional de Pêlo, S.A.

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Having commitment towards sustainability and being accountable for the end product implies having a strong dedication
to the business value chain, in the sense of monitoring and improving internal operations. It takes a positive and growing relationship with the stakeholders, by adding value and motivating the suppliers and customers to be part of the wider society, doing their part to ensure the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is why Sustainability is definitely a key issue at Cortadoria. As the world population grows, and living standards and longevity improve, preparing for the future means to look at the Circular Economy concept as an absolute major requirement.


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Since its beginning, in 1943, Cortadoria Nacional de Pêlo, S.A. has been deeply connected with the ongoing improvement of its trade, through working with highly motivated production, quality and innovation teams. From São João da Madeira, Portugal, this workforce guarantees the company’s worldwide leadership, and is remarkably knowledgeable of the use of rabbit hare and beaver fur for the manufacturing of felted and non-felted textiles, but mainly for high quality felt hats.

Cortadoria is committed to its innovative research and development of products, processes and overall know-how. With an internal laboratory, the company utilises only up to date equipment which is crucial to control the quality of fur and leather production.
The continuous pursuit of excellence makes Cortadoria a global pioneer, keen on productive efficiency, excellent working conditions, sustainable development and, above all, profound respect for the environment – ultimately, embracing and inspiring a new vision for the industry, integrated into a modern and responsible society.

Manufacturing Process

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In order to obtain this resistant, smooth and thin leather, the skins go through a technologically evolved production process, implemented by Cortadoria. This procedure is performed responsibly and rigorously, beyond all regulatory requirements, with emphasis on health and guaranteed sustainability.


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Cortadoria Nacional de Pêlo, S.A.

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